• Allied Member Spotlight: Help Now LLC

    M&SCA Member Contact:
    Daniel DiGregorio, Business Development Manager
    ddigregorio@help-now.com • 610-590-4695 ext. 102
    Company Summary: At Help-Now we manage all your technology so you can manage your business. Since 1999 our focus has been on our client’s business objectives, assisting them in obtaining technology and delivering cost-effective solutions. We understand one size does not fit all. We consult with every client to understand their individual business objectives and work with you by implementing a plan to achieve your goals. We are able to accomplish this by intentionally not selling any hardware or software, we have no biases, only our clients business objectives as priorities.
    What value can your company bring to M&SCA Contractors?: Having the confidence in a qualified IT Partner do their job so M&SCA Contractors can concentrate on making money!
    What are some of your latest offerings?: We are currently offering a free education class for our clients as education is the #1 protection. Most companies charges thousands for this.
    How has being an Allied Member helped your business?: As an Allied member, I have had my eyes opened to the needs and wants in the M&SCA Industry. It also has opened many doors that I would not have had an opportunity for.
    Fun Fact: All support is located in the USA. We do not have a tier support system, whoever answers the phone is who you work with. As for me, I've worked with the company for 16+ years and actually still find what we do exciting and enjoyable.

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