• M&SCA Members Speak at Steamfitters 420 Keystone Energy Forum

    On Friday, January 27, Steamfitters Local 420 hosted the Keystone Energy Forum for a multi-panel discussion called "How Does the Philadelphia Energy Hub Impact You?"   With nearly 100 guests in attendees present, including several city and state legislators and officials, panelists discussed two topics: "Why Pipeline Development is Critical to the Success of the Energy Hub" and "Developing a Workforce to Meet the Demands of the Energy Hub."  
    To open the program Anthony Gallagher (Business Manager, Steamfitters 420) and Tim Brink (Executive VP, M&SCA of Eastern PA) said a few words welcoming attendees, highlighting the upcoming speakers, and stressing the importance of Philadelphia as an energy hub.  This was the first time a Keystone Energy Forum had been hosted by a Labor Union, signaling the cooperation between labor, management, and the energy coalition to work together and bring Philadelphia to the forefront of the natural gas industry.  
    Why Pipeline Development is Critical to the Success of the Energy Hub

    The first panel focused on the importance of pipeline development as part of the success of the energy hub. Each speaker touched on the need to continue pushing pipeline construction in order to promote economic growth and energy independence. Jim Dougherty, Jr., a Senior Account Manager from M&SCA Member Nooter Construction spoke about the intricacies of pipeline construction from a contractors perspective as well as highlighting the great work that Nooter is currently doing on the Mariner East II Pipeline at the refineries in Marcus Hook, PA.  

    Other panelists included:
    Phil Rinaldi - CEO, Philadelphia Energy Solutions
    Joe McGinn - Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Sunoco Logistics
    Coby Stewart - CP & Asst. Site Leader, Monroe Energy
    Erin Pizza - CEO, Council for Growth (Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce)
    Robert Powelson - Commissioner, Public Utility Commission
    Developing a Workforce to Meet the Demands of the Energy Hub

    The second panel focused on workforce development and what role that plays in the expansion of Philadelphia as an energy hub.  Jim Gaffney, Owner & CEO of M&SCA Member Company Goshen Mechanical, spoke about his personal experiences as a business owner and developing the skilled workforce needed to support the Greater Philadelphia Area's growing energy infrastructure. Jim serves as the President of the M&SCA PAC Fund and consistently advocates on behalf of the M&SCA on the state and federal levels regarding the issues facing our industry today.  
    Other panelists included:
    Ed Engle - HVAC Training Director, Steamfitters 420
    Nancy Mifflin - Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, AABE
    Cristina Jorge Schwarz - President, Women's Energy Network of Greater Philadelphia
    Karen Kozachyn - Dean, Delaware County Community College
    Carol de Fries - Vice President for Workforce and Economic Innovation, Community College of Philadelphia
    The forum wrapped up with a quick Q&A, closing remarks by M&SCA federal lobbyist Mike Oscar, and a tour of the Steamfitters Local 420 
    The Keystone Energy Forum is a group of concerned citizens and partners committee to improving the public's understanding of, and support for, the many opportunities presented by the Marcellus Shale natural gas reserves here in Pennsylvania.  Their goal is to educate fellow Pennsylvanians to ensure our elected officials are creating sound policies which promote a strong economy and energy security.  Since their launch in January 2011, the Keystone Energy Forum team has held meetings and established relationships with a number of government- and citizen-based organizations to discuss Marcellus issues and to further the dialogue on Marcellus development.  

    For more information, visit keystoneenergyforum.com.

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