Thank You! Congress Approves Pension Reform

We did it!

By now you may have heard that The Senate passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill late Saturday, which included many of the recommendations put forward by Solutions Not Bailouts! This could not have happened without the support and effort of each of you. Your donations, phone calls, emails, and letters to Congress put us over the top!

Like many other political issues in the past, we were told this would be tough to pass. We have been working with the national MCAA and their General Counsel John McNerney for over two years to restructure the federal pension law as it relates to multiemployer pension Continue reading

Action Alert: Last-Minute Effort Needed to Help Multiemployer Pension Reform Pass This Year

What’s Going On

House and Senate leadership are conferring about whether multiemployer pension reform is possible on a bill that may move through Congress next week! Leaders of the House Education and Workforce Committee have drafted the multiemployer pension reform measure and have been awaiting word from the Senate that it will consider the measure if it’s attached to a bill that is moving. So far, House and Senate leaders have been unable to muster that assurance, primarily due to opposition from one or two Democratic Senators. Continue reading

iBusiness Tech Brief: Optimizing Battery Life on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Sadly, the iPhone battery is not an infinite resource but it can be made to last longer so you can get the most out of your device. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to maximize the life of your iPhone’s lithium-ion battery.

Read this month’s Tech Brief from iBusiness Technologies to help you maximize your device’s battery life. Full Article

M&SCA/NECA/SMCA Annual Joint Association Dinner

On Tuesday, November 11th, the M&SCA, NECA, and SMCA members joined for the annual Joint Association Meeting. Members of these three association face similar issues in the workplace and legislatively, so it only makes sense to come together to discuss what’s going on in the industry. This year, the Joint Association Meeting was held at The Pyramid Club, which sits high atop the 54 story BNY Mellon Center building. Continue reading