NAECA 2015: What You Need To Know


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On April 16, 2015, there will be significant changes to water heater energy factor (EF) requirements as the result of updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). These new requirements call for higher energy factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric, and oil water heaters, completely altering the water heater landscape. NAECA also affects some light-duty commercial water heaters. Please note that this date is strictly a manufacturer cutoff date and that current products can still be purchased and installed after April 16th.

How This Effects You
• Many of the water heaters you’ve installed in the past will now be larger in size and weight (i.e. condensing units, heat pumps, etc.).

• These size and weight changes will affect how you store, specify, transport, and install water heaters.

ill-elec 2• There will also be new technologies introduced that may require you (and your
employees) to participate in manufacturer or wholesaler sponsored training.

• In cases where your customers cannot replace an existing water heater with a similar model, you will need to provide them with additional guidance on their water heater replacement options.

• Some of the NAECA product options may require you to incorporate an electrical feed, venting, or condensate disposal into an installation where none of these factors existed with the original water heater.

What is the M&SCA Doing?
The M&SCA of Eastern PA is committed to helping all of its members make the transition to the 2015 standards as smooth as possible. To do this, we are partnering with our Allied Member, Bradford White Water Heaters, to give you the resources you will need to understand the changes that are coming.

Here are some useful links provided by:

NAECA Website
NAECA Brochure
NAECA Webinar
NAECA Model Number Cross-Reference Guide

Contractor Licensure Requirements Effective September 30, 2015

Please be advised that recent legislation aimed at improving public safety has resulted in significant changes to contractor licensure in Philadelphia. The following changes will take effect on September 30th:

  • All workers directly performing permitted construction or demolition activities shall have completed an approved course of safety training which may include OSHA 10.
  • All contractors licensed under Section 9-1004 of the Philadelphia Code must employ at least one supervisory employee who has completed an approved, extended course of safety training which may include OSHA 30k within the past 5 years.
​Identification of supervisory employee and proof of training will be required as a condition for license issuance on all applications made after September 30, 2015 and for the renewal of all licenses set to expire on or after March 31, 2016.

Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Law

On February 12, 2015, Mayor Nutter signed into law a new Chapter of The Philadelphia Code entitled “Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces. Known as Philadelphia’s paid sick leave law, it provides that certain employees are entitled to paid and unpaid sick leave. To read more about how this will effect your company, please read this summary provided by Henry Donner at Jacoby Donner, P.C.: Philadelphia Paid Sick Leave Law

SCA Adopts A Room at Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

On February 12, 2015, Bob Veight and Tim Brink representing the Servicing Contractors of Greater Delaware Valley attended a breakfast in honor of those individuals, companies and organizations that generously made donations to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. The donations made were part of the “Adopt a Room” partnership program. The donors are each sponsors of one of 65 guest rooms at one of the two Ronald McDonald House locations in the city.

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2015 Safety Awards

Nominations are now being accepted! All M&SCA member contractors are encouraged to submit an application for the annual Safety Awards. In order to be considered, your company nomination must be submitted by March 16, 2014. All submission information will be kept strictly confidential. Awards will be presented at the Spring Membership Meeting on April 23, 2015.

Read more and apply today by clicking here.