Recap of Key Philadelphia L&I Changes for 2014

There have been a number of changes announced by the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections over the past 6 months that effect all of the contractors doing work in the city in one way or another. Although the M&SCA has highlighted the changes as they were announced, the information below is a recap of all of the changes along with links to the official documentation. Continue reading

Service Contractors Learn About MSCA Resources And The Benefits Of Becoming An Energy Solutions Provider

“Are you ready to stand out from the pack?” If you missed the most recent Lunch & Learn on Friday, June 27th, then you missed out on this message and how the tools that the MSCA provides you as a member can help you differentiate your company today. Continue reading

Philadelphia Building Trades To Put Pressure On City of Philadelphia For Enforcement of Licensing and City Wage Tax Laws

In late 2013, Philadelphia City Council passed two new laws impacting the local construction industry which created new requirements for almost every contractor doing business in the City including one which reformed the city’s contractor licensing requirements and one which revised the city wage tax law. Continue reading