• Marketing and Education Committee

    The Marketing & Education Committee is charged with identifying innovative and effective marketing, branding, outreach, recruitment, communication methods and media. The committee works to shape, guide, refine and advance the Association's image and reputation, as well as plan successful meetings and events. In this capacity, the committee addresses internal as well as external marketing and strategic communication issues and needs. The committee also supports the efforts of other Association committees and meets quarterly.
    Robert Baranowski
    EMCOR Services Fluidics
    Sean Gaffney
    GEM Mechanical Services, Inc.
    Chris Gaffney
    Goshen Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
    Owner & CFO
    Keith Gottlieb
    Herman Goldner Company, Inc.
    Vice President of Service
    Art Stretton
    Herman Goldner Company, Inc.
    Dennis Johnson
    McCloskey Mechanical
    Director of Construction
    Joe McMahon
    McMahon Fleet Solutions
    Bob Veight
    West Chester Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
    Service Manager
    Amy Brink
    Mechanical & Service Contractors Association of E. PA
    Tom Buchas
    H.T. Lyons, Inc.
    Building Controls Designer
    Frank Wall
    Mechanical & Service Contractors Association of E. PA
    Maryetta Delahanty
    Mechanical & Service Contractors Association of E. PA
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