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  • Wage Rates and Agreements Wage Rates and Agreements

    Here you will find the agreements and wage sheets between the MCA, SCA, LU 420, and LU 690. There are also a number of other agreements including the National Service and Maintenance Agreement that is applicable to this area.

    Link: Wage Rates and Agreements

  • FASB Reporting FASB Reporting

    The U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update No.2011-09, Compensation--Retirement Benefits--Multiemployer Plans (Subtopic 715-80): Disclosures about an Employer's Participation in a Multiemployer Plan. As a signatory employer contributing to a multi-employer defined benefit pension fund, you are required to include a FASB Disclosure Table with your audited financial statements. The M&SCA has prepared a number of documents in order to help members comply with the reporting requirements.

    Link: FASB Reporting Library


    All Steamfitters Local 420 Agents can be found here along with their territories and contact information.

    Link: LU420 Agents & Territories

    All Plumbers Local 690 Agents can be found here along with their territories and contact information.

    Link:  LU 690 Agents & Territories

  • Local Union Job Reporting Forms Local Union Job Reporting Forms

    All Contractor Members signatory to the MCA/Steamfitters LU 420 or the MCA/Plumbers LU 690 Collective Bargaining Agreements are required to report the name and address of all jobs contracted for in excess of $5,000. Using this reporting form will satisfy your contractual requirements.

    Steamfitters Local 420 Job Reporting Form

    Plumbers Local 690 Job Reporting Form

  • Local Union Apprentice Evaluation Forms Local Union Apprentice Evaluation Forms

    Periodic evaluation of apprentices is vital to our jointly run apprentice training programs with our labor partners at Steamfitters Local Union 420 and Plumbers Local Union 690. We have made these forms easy to fill out and will be electronically sent to each local's training department. 

    Steamfitters Local 420 Training Department asks that an evaluation is submitted for every apprentice once a Class Period and at the time of layoff or terminations.

    Plumbers Local 690 asks that an evaluation or "Foreman's Report" is submitted every month for every apprentice. 

    Steamfitters Local 420 BTJ Apprentice Evaluation

    Steamfitters Local 420 Service Apprentice Evaluation

    Plumbers Local 690 Apprentice Evaluation/Foreman's Report

  • Follow these links to the Member-Only Resource ares to find two documents dealing with guidelines and questions regarding contractor obligations during a Trust Fund Compliance Audit.

    Trust Fund FAQ 

    Guidelines for Employers Participating in the Steamfitters Local Union No. 420 Benefit Funds

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