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  • The M&SCA is proud to work in partnership with two local unions from which our contractor members hire their trade labor employees. This partnership extends beyond the day to day operations. Leaders from these organizations work on progressive ideas and initiatives to enhance training, safety, and market share for member contractors. 


    James Snell, Business Manager
    14420 Townsend Road
    Philadelphia, PA 19154
    P: 267.350.4200
    F: 267.350.4299


    Chartered in 1903, Steamfitters Local Union 420 has over the years been assigned, by the United Association, to oversee a geographical jurisdiction that encompasses all or parts of ten counties in southeastern Pennsylvania, including the City of Philadelphia. Local Union 420’s work includes the installation and servicing of process piping systems, including but not limited to: steam and hot-water heating systems, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, chemical and petrochemical plants, power generation facilities, medical-gas systems and complete environmental systems found in schools, churches, hospitals, high rises, offices, apartment buildings and commercial and industrial facilities of all kinds.

    Steamfitters Local Union 420  Business Agents and Territories



    George Pegram,  Business Manager
    2791 Southampton Road
    Philadelphia, PA 19154
    P: 215.677.6900
    F: 215.677.7102


    The history of the Plumbers in Philadelphia dates back to May 12, 1900 with the formation of Plumbers Local 123. For over 100 years, Plumbers have been protecting the health of Philadelphia area citizens through quality work that is unparalleled because of their training programs. The intensive apprenticeship program provides the skills the members will use in many different construction applications, including heavy industrial, pharmaceutical, commercial and residential markets. The workforce takes pride in providing high quality, reliable, and often times sophisticated piping systems to the end user. From underground installation to final connections of fixtures and equipment, a Plumber is required to have all the physical and mental skills needed to get the job done right the first time.

    Plumbers Local 690-Business Agents




    Kenneth J. Broadbent, Steamfitters Local 449, President 


    The object of this Association shall be to promote the interest and welfare of the Plumbing, Pipefitting, and Sprinkler Fitting Industry by recommending legislation to protect the trade:  to improve sanitation for the protection of the public health:  to discourage and oppose all proposed legislation detrimental to the public health and to promote such legislation as will protect life, property and the piping industry.  To promote, encourage and ensure the organizing of the unorganized and to provide a closer affiliation of the United Association Locals in the Pennsylvania and Local 74 in Wilmington, Delaware for mutual protection.‚Äč



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