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    Allied Member Committee

    The Allied Member Committee was formed to explore ways for Allied Members to build relationships with Contractor Members and provide more value to the Contractor Member companies. The committee will explore ideas and strategies to create a “value chain” between Contractor and Allied Members. The goal of the committee is to create and maintain interaction and visibility with the key decision makers within the Contractor Member companies in order to provide them with the goods and services that each Allied Member has to offer.

    Marketing and Education Committee

    The Marketing & Education Committee is charged with identifying innovative and effective marketing, branding, outreach, recruitment, communication methods and media. The committee works to shape, guide, refine and advance the Association's image and reputation, as well as plan successful meetings and events. In this capacity, the committee addresses internal as well as external marketing and strategic communication issues and needs. The committee also supports the efforts of other Association committees and meets quarterly.

    MCA Board of Governors

    MCA Board of Governors

    NCPWB Board

    The National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau (NCPWB) is a subsidiary of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). NCPWB was established to keep contractors informed about welding/brazing technology, allow for the transfer of welder/brazer certifications, and to simplify the welding/brazing qualification practices.

    PAC Fund

    The M&SCA PAC was established in April 2008 to receive and distribute contributions to support candidates for state and local office. The PAC is an essential part of our legislative influence in Harrisburg and in many of the local communities that our contractors work and live. The goal of the PAC is to give the member contractor and their employees a collective voice in the election of candidates for office and to influence legislation that is beneficial to our industry and the preservation of our quality of life. Through this effort, the PAC advances the legislative priorities of the mechanical and service industry by helping to elect the political candidates most likely to support those priorities. The PAC Fund Committee volunteers their time to attend political fundraisers, testify at hearings, and meet with legislators to educate them on the issues.

    Safety Directors Committee

    The Safety Directors Committee is a group that comes together to discuss safety and accident prevention programs, risk management, and safety initiatives. The results of these meetings are classes and seminars that address the most important industry concerns so that every member contractor can remain safe and accident free. The Committee also organizes the annual M&SCA Safety Awards that are presented each year at the Spring Membership Meeting. The M&SCA Safety Committee strives to promote a strong safety culture where they lead by a positive example and pledge their support to all members by: Serving as a resource in the development and implementation of effective health and safety awareness programs. Encouraging feedback from all members with regard to health and safety related ideas, problems, and solutions. Providing suggestions and recommendations for resolution of health and safety concerns. We do so because: Everyone has the right to a safe work place free of recognized hazards. Everyone deserves to go home safely every day.

    SCA Board of Governors

    SCA Board of Governors
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