• Safety Directors Committee

    The Safety Directors Committee is a group that comes together to discuss safety and accident prevention programs, risk management, and safety initiatives. The results of these meetings are classes and seminars that address the most important industry concerns so that every member contractor can remain safe and accident free. The Committee also organizes the annual M&SCA Safety Awards that are presented each year at the Spring Membership Meeting. The M&SCA Safety Committee strives to promote a strong safety culture where they lead by a positive example and pledge their support to all members by: Serving as a resource in the development and implementation of effective health and safety awareness programs. Encouraging feedback from all members with regard to health and safety related ideas, problems, and solutions. Providing suggestions and recommendations for resolution of health and safety concerns. We do so because: Everyone has the right to a safe work place free of recognized hazards. Everyone deserves to go home safely every day.
    Mike Bradley
    Plumbers Union Local Union 690, President
    George Dula
    CM3 Building Solutions, Inc., Safety Director
    Tom Dunn
    A.T. Chadwick, Co., Inc., Director of Operations - Safety
    Walt Emerle
    Falasca Mechanical, Safety Director
    Stephen Franco
    Franco Mechanical Contractors
    Daniel Garback
    Herman Goldner Company, Inc., Director of Project Management
    David Jescovitch
    Weiler Corporation, Business Development Manager
    Chris Kemner
    West Chester Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
    Michael Leco
    Chadwick Service Company, Special Projects
    Michael Nahas
    Chairman EMCOR Services Fluidics, Regional Safety Director
    Michele Paxton
    Binsky & Snyder, Safety Director
    Peter Terry
    EMCOR Services Fluidics, Safety Director
    Maryetta Delahanty
    Mechanical & Service Contractors Association of E. PA, Director: Member Services
    Andrew Haeussler
    PT Mechanical Group, LLC, High Tonnage Foreman
    Andrew Cipollono
    Herman Goldner Company, Inc., SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER
    Kayla Moffitt
    Nooter Construction Co., Safety Admin Coordinator
    Jim Kramer
    Elliott-Lewis Corp., Safety Coordinator
    Jim Dougherty
    Mechanical & Service Contractors Association of E. PA, EVP
    Pat Riley
    USI Insurance Services, Vice President
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