• Allied Member Spotlight: Wheatland Tube, a division of Zekelman Industries

    M&SCA Member Contact:
    Ryan Mensch – Standard and Sprinkler Pipe Sales Rep.
    ryan.mensch@wheatland.com • 412-477-0165
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    Company Summary: At Wheatland Tube, we’ve been making it easy for our customers to stock and install our products since we began manufacturing in 1931. We trace our legacy of service all the way back to 1877, when John Maneely, the founder of Wheatland’s parent company, began selling pipe, valves and fittings in Philadelphia.
    Today, Wheatland is proud to be a division of Zekelman Industries, the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America. With a better portfolio, better products and better service, we’re doing our part to MAKE IT eZ for our customers.
    What value can you company bring to M&SCA Contractors?: With a tradition of service and quality that’s 80-plus years strong, Wheatland Tube is the only domestic, full-line producer of continuous weld (CW) and electric resistance weld (ERW) ½” – 18” NPS pipe today. Wheatland is also a worldwide leader in hot-dip galvanization technology.  Contractors can get the exact sizes they need from a worldwide leader in pipe and tube manufacturing and technology.

    • Quality you can trust 
    • State of the art product and testing equipment
    • Full product and steel traceability
    • Logistics support and job site delivery
    • Technical teams that are available to you if you should have any questions or concerns.

    What are some of your latest offerings?: Wheatland Tube’s SureThread™ Standard pipe helps contractors install pipe more efficiently, lower labor costs and reduces wear on tools. SureThread is the only continuous weld, standard steel pipe made in the USA. Since it’s fully annealed (hot-formed), it’s strong and easy to thread, bend and cut. The weld seam almost disappears, and any inconsistencies in the steel are reduced to eliminate the hard spots typically found in imported ERW. This is especially important for trade sizes ½–4, which are most commonly machined at the job site. Available with hot-dip galvanization to ASTM A53 requirements, SureThread is available in 350 combinations of finishes and end treatments.  Trade sizes: ½” – 4”
    How has being an Allied Member helped your business?: Being an Allied Member has helped Wheatland Tube get in front of contractors, engineers, and distributors.   It helps us to know about the needs of our consumers from the end user to distributor and it allows us to become a resource for all these customers throughout the supply chain.   We use opportunities like “Lunch and Learns” to help train people on basic steel pipe knowledge.  This type of informal, but educational opportunity allows people to learn things like, why would someone specify one grade over another, what the differences are between grades, and what information can be obtained from the stencil on the pipe.  Being able to empower customers with this knowledge down to the contractor and engineer level helps benefit everyone involved in the supply chain. 

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