• Combat the Opioid Epidemic on Your Job Site

    Resources Available Through the Allied Trades Assistance Program
    The problems of substance use disorder and mental illness affect every level of society. As pressures of everyday living have increased, so have the number of people with substance use disorder and mental health problems and the cost of treatment. The Allied Trades Assistance Program (ATAP) was created to address the needs of union members arising out of substance use disorder and mental health issues as well as related problems. Recognition, treatment, education and cost containment are the areas addressed by ATAP.
    The programs and policies of ATAP are formulated by a Board of Directors composed of union leaders, contractors and management concerned with cost and quality of drug and alcohol treatment and related problems.  The staff of ATAP is directly responsive to the specific needs to eligible union members, their dependents and retirees in providing personal, confidential and appropriate referral and follow-up services. In effect, ATAP is a program of unions, for unions and by unions.
    Take advantage of the Allied Trades Assistance Program today to educate and assist those that may be struggling with addiction.  
    Confidential Helpline:
    (800) 256-6376  •  (215) 677-8820
    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Take the FREE Online Substance Abuse Prevention Training
    How to register:

    1. Go to ATAP’s website at www.alliedtrades-online.com
    2. Along the top toolbar, click on: “ATAP Training”
    3. On the right side: create your own username and password
    4. Begin the training and complete the modules 
    5. Once completed, you will be issued a Completion Certificate
     Take Advantage of the Educational Materials
    Click here to view the “Changing the Culture of Construction” preventative education materials from ATAP


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